What's so innovative about Assenty?

  • Innovative Promotion to Influencers
  • Assenty was shortlisted for a Most Innovative Use of Digital Technology award in the Digital Innovation category in the 2017 UK Digital Entrepreneur Awards.

    Our flagship Auto-invite Previous Posters feature is one of many innovations. Use it to grow your event community every time you create a question board.

    Others include multiple timezone support, support for unlimited questions and polls and a nifty little widget for embedding questions on websites and blogs.
  • Grow event network
  • Fast and Furiously Easy
  • The user experience on Assenty was designed with simplicity and ease of use as a first priority.

    First time users are often stunned at progressing from signing in with Twitter to moderating their first question board in a matter of minutes. No need to download an app!

    Vote for, answer and reward questions, and delete inappropriate ones: every interaction is instantly updated in real-time. Anonymous questions supported!
  • See just how easy
  • So Social Media Friendly
  • We make it easy to share each question, poll or question board on social media, with the hashtag for the event automatically included for you. So, why wait until the event to interact with your audience online?

    Get questions for speakers, audience insights, helpful feedback and more, before it happens, and deliver the perfect event faster!

    Now it's quite possible to get your event trending before it takes place.
  • Get trending
  • Did someone say WhatsApp?
  • Assenty is unique among audience interaction systems in supporting a virtually unlimited number of concurrent users.

    As highlighted during the prestigious Northern Stars UK competition, it uses the same virtual machine as that powering messaging giant WhatsApp.

    Why not create a question board and invite questions before, during and after your event? You might just break a record.
  • Break a record