You create a question board by adding an event to Assenty. Here's how:

Step 1. Log in to your Assenty account. You can sign in with Twitter

Step 2. Click on the Add button in the dashboard.

Step 3. Enter details* of your event in the form and click Submit event.

Step 4. Once you've submitted your event, you will be able to preview your Question Board.

Step 5. If you're happy to proceed, you will be directed to the link to your Question Board.

Please note: If it is not your first Question Board you will be directed to the payment page first.

It's free to register your first event. After that it costs £1 per event.

Payments are transmitted securely by payment processor Stripe. We never store your credit card information.

*Event details: The details we ask for are event name, description, website or URL, hashtag and Twitter handle.

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A Question Board is an online archive of questions and answers asked at your physical or virtual event.

It is updated in real-time, as questions and votes are submitted by members of your audience.

As moderator you can also answer and reward questions submitted. This screencast demonstrates how to answer questions live at your event.

Watch screencast

Question Awards
You can reward questions from your audience with Gold, Silver or Bronze Question Awards. They look like this:

 Gold Question Award
 Silver Question Award
 Bronze Question Award

These badges are permanently displayed next to the name of the person who asked the question on the Question Board, and on the individual page displaying the Question.

As the event progresses, you may wish to share your audience's engagement with the Question Board on social media.

Each question and the entire Question Board can be easily shared online using the social share buttons provided on the Question Board and on individual Question pages.

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It's easy to post a question once you have a link to a live* Question Board, or have created one. Here's how:

Step 1. Log in to your Assenty account. You can sign in with Twitter

Step 2. Visit the link to the Question Board.

Step 3. Add your Question and click on the Post question button. It will show up immediately.

Step 4. To vote for a question, click on the Vote button next to it. Your vote will register immediately and the position of other questions on the Question Board will be re-ordered to reflect it.

Step 5. To share your question, click on the More button within it to go to its Question page. Use the Share buttons on the Question page to share on social media.

Embed on your website or blog
Click the Embed this button to embed a question on your website or blog. Here's how it looks.

Please ensure any content you post falls within Assenty's Acceptable Use Policy and your event's community guidelines.

*Live Question Board: The question board must be live for your question to show up. Please be aware that open boards automatically close the next day. Once a question board is closed, questions, answers and votes can no longer be submitted to it.

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