How to Create and Use Polls

Get instant feedback by publishing a Quick Poll on your Question Board

We make it super easy to launch polls. Get helpful feedback, audience insights and more!

To create a Poll on a Question Board:

1. Log in to your Assenty account if you haven't already. You can sign in with Twitter
2. Create a question board (takes less than 2 minutes)
3. Click on the blue Add Poll button** at the top of the question board
4. Submit your poll on the Add a Quick Poll page that loads
5. That's it!

Once created, as moderator you will see a More button in the top right corner.
Click on that for more options for managing your poll.

You can close voting at any time using the Close button. Once closed, votes are no longer accepted on polls.

You can only vote once in a poll, however you cannot vote in a poll you created.

All open polls close automatically 7 days after the event.

**The Add Poll button is only present if a question board is live i.e. if it has not been closed by the moderator and the date of the event has not yet passed.

Not got a question board? See the FAQ for how to create one in 2 minutes. It's easy!