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Make it personal.

Bring people together online around your in-person or virtual event.

Capture audience insights and more, before.

What is Assenty?

Assenty is an interactive question board platform that helps event organisers make a personal connection with their audiences before, during and after an event.

Leaders of formal and informal meetings use Assenty to widen reach and participation by running quick polls and inviting questions for speakers anywhere a link can be shared.

How it works
Step 1. Create a question board (in 2 minutes or less).
Step 2. Add a quick poll.
Step 3. Share poll on email, social, WhatsApp, Slack, Zoom's text chat, etc.
Step 4. As votes come in, share poll results to further build buzz and momentum.
Step 5. Invite questions by sharing the link to the question board. Answer and reward them in real-time.

What our users say

“Extremely useful tool which enables a much greater reach and participation to be achieved.”
Duncan Bowker, Media Relations Manager, PwC

“Assenty were a late addition to our recent event but showed their impact quickly, generating engagement and audience interaction in a really small time frame.”
Holly Lindon, The Landing, MediaCityUK

“Assenty’s Virtual Event Starter Pack and personalised support was just what we needed to get going.”
Dr Paula Turner, Co-Founder, The Centre for Tendering

“Assenty is a clever way for event organisers to collect questions, thoughts and ideas before and during an event which can be useful for guiding speakers and format of the day. The team is also very responsive and provides excellent product support and social media marketing too.”
Paul Lancaster, Founder, Newcastle Startup Week

“Assenty is an integral part of developing a discussion when organising events. In my opinion, the value addition of Assenty is the ability to start a conversation prior to the event, engage with interested participants before events through questions and polls. It provides context for discussion during the event and allows participants who may not be able to participate in the event to weigh in on the topic of discussion. It enhances Trans-Atlantic discussions (between USA and UK) as was the case in our event. In addition to this, the conversation can be continued after the event in one consolidated area. I definitely recommend it.”
Dr. Elsa Zekeng, Co-Founder, Solidarity In Tech CIC

“We used Assenty to support us at a teacher and student event, where both groups were joining us for different periods of time. The ability to ask and answer questions before, during and after the event on the Question Board is helpful to extend the reach and life of the activity and share the experience to others. The support and help in using Assenty and getting started has been brilliant! Thank you!”
Dinah Turner, Stepping into Business

“Assenty was a great way to create traction around our most recent event series. Strategically it was useful for creating engagement before, during and after our event, connecting us to networks and communities that might otherwise not have been aware of our event. Chi-chi was really helpful, providing great support and information of how to use the service.”
Jenna Campbell, Content & Communications Lead, Yolk

Assenty - Finalist 2017 UK Digital Entrepreneur Awards Assenty - Finalist 2017 Northern Stars

Deliver an engaged community, not just an event

It's hard enough organising events but in this new normal where on-camera video events and meetings vie with family time, how do you cut through the noise?

How do you create compelling events? How do you engage audiences online?

Assenty's interactive question board platform is designed to bring people together online around your event, be it in-person, virtual, or a hybrid in-between.

Use quick polls to build buzz and engagement before, during and after the event and give people a light touch way to express their opinion anywhere a link can be shared: on social, WhatsApp, Slack, and more.

Add the ability to run interactive Q&A at any time and watch your community bloom.