Assenty is the only audience interaction and live polling tool that brings people together online before, during and after your event.

Take the guesswork out of delighting guests. Run quick polls on email, social, WhatsApp, Slack, Zoom's text chat, anywhere you can share a link, before. Build community and extend reach by involving everyone.

Capture audience insights, questions for speakers, helpful feedback and more, well before it happens, share easily on social media and bring people together, whether it's an in-person or virtual event.

With Assenty you deliver more than event; you deliver an engaged community.

Assenty was shortlisted for a Most Innovative Use of Digital Technology award in the 2017 UK Digital Entrepreneur Awards and is a Top 20 finalist in the prestigious Northern Stars tech startup competition to find and showcase the best tech startups in the North of England.

Get audience insights before

Your event is fast approaching.

Kick-start conversations on social media and build buzz. Delight the community with insightful polls and watch many more sign up.

With Assenty, guests arrive hyper-engaged. Sign up for free

Involve everyone, everywhere

Involve those unable to attend by inviting questions for your speakers.

Questions, anonymous or not, can be submitted before, during and up to 7 days after the event. Answer them in real-time and deepen connection.

With Assenty, your speakers arrive celebrated. Sign up for free

Goodbye to paper feedback!

It's done! Everyone's leaving, how do you get the feedback forms filled?

Evaluate the event by sharing a quick poll on social, email, WhatsApp etc.

With Assenty, getting feedback never felt so good. Sign up for free

How does it work?

How Assenty works
in 3 easy steps

Assenty is the only audience engagement tool that brings people together online around your event.

1. Register your event

Enter your event details and get a link to your question board.

Assenty is designed to be #social: invite questions by sharing the link to your question board. Answer them as they come in.

2. Vote on questions in real time

Check out the questions and make your choice. It's free to post questions or vote in polls. You can also ask anonymously.

Assenty makes for interactive audience engagement. Get instant feedback by publishing a quick poll.

3. Share your status badge!

You scored Gold for daring to ask *that* question?! Share your status badge wherever, on Facebook, Twitter, or embedded on your website or blog. Hashtag automatically included!

Assenty rewards delegates for making valuable contributions at your events.

Who needs a Question Board?

Assenty was written to make it easier to plan and deliver the perfect event. You don't have to be at a conference or seminar to use Assenty, however. Practically anything with a hashtag can benefit from having a Question Board, somewhere online where anyone can post a question for free and receive an answer in real time.

Perhaps you want to run a public consultation, or want to find out what users think of your app's latest feature.

A Question Board is a quick and surefire way to get feedback you can act on, immediately. Reward questions, publish polls, and answer queries quickly and efficiently.

Want to get started? Click on the button below, it's easy and you'll be up and running in 2 minutes.

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Moderation and our community

Assenty is a real-time Q&A and live polling web service. We also have a mobile app in the works.

Event organisers register their event on to get a Question Board, a URL anyone can post questions to, and use the online dashboard to run quick polls and moderate, answer and reward questions.

Putting on an event? Your audience's content and opinion is valuable and deserves a home on the web.
Assenty aims to be the best resource for submitting questions and getting answers at real and virtual events.
We do have an Acceptable Use Policy and ask all users to abide by it.

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