How to Post an Anonymous Question

We make it easy to ask something quickly, without associating your name with it.

It is always free to post questions on Assenty but we also make it easy to ask anonymously.

To post an anonymous question on a Question Board:

1. Ensure that you are not logged in
2. Click on the purple Post Anonymously button** at the top of the question board
3. Submit your question on the Post Anonymous Question page that loads
4. That's it!

The moderator, the person who created the question board, will be notified.

If approved, your question will be added to the question board and will show up as one submitted by an Anonymous Poster.

Anonymous questions are limited to 250 characters.

**The Post Anonymously button is only present if a question board is live i.e. if it has not been closed by the moderator and the date of the event has not yet passed.

If you want your question to show up immediately, consider signing in with Twitter or signing up for a free account before visiting the question board.

Have any more questions? Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).