5 Quick Tips for an unforgettable event

You've created your Question Board, now what?
Here are five simple tips for using Assenty effectively at your event.

1. Post the First Question
Kick things off by publishing a quick poll or posting the first question to your question board. Delegates may not have seen a question board before, show them what one looks like by posting a question or poll. You could also invite anonymous questions.

2. Share the Link to the Question Board
Send delegates a link to the question board through email and social media. Let people know the question board is open and invite them to send in questions. Here's an example tweet by PwC.

3. Show Attendees the Question Board
If you have a big screen at your event, display the question board on it. Delegates will be able to see the real-time stats in action, and take part by voting and posting questions.

4. Celebrate Every Question and Vote
You could announce every vote and question publicly on social media, or perhaps consider rewarding some questions with Gold, Silver or Bronze Question Award. Only one of each can be awarded.

5. Add Answers to the Question Board
Once a question is answered by a speaker, considering adding the response to the question board using the Moderate board button. Don't forget to share...